Lewa Wintermint Slim

Nicotine free Snus

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Nicotine Content

0 mg/g

Net Weight

0 g

A discreet, tobacco free and nicotine free snus that delivers a energetic rush of caffeine (100 mg/portion) together with an icy burst of mint.


Lewa Wintermint Slim: A tobacco-free and nicotine-free snus designed to provide an electrifying experience. These slim, all-white portions pack a substantial caffeine content, boasting an impressive 100 mg per portion. As you indulge in each pouch, you'll be met with a stimulating blast of ice-cold mint.
The filling used by these discreet portions consists of natural plant fibers. This premium filling not only ensures that these portions won't leave any stains, but it also significantly reduces the drip. This minimal amount of drip allows you to savor the invigorating mint sensation and the caffeine rush for an extended duration, making the most of your energy boost.
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Brands Lewa
Manufacturer Lewa Of Sweden
Category Slim
Taste Profile Mint
Strength N/A
Nicotine Content 0 mg/g
Net Weight 0 g
Portions 18
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