Lewa Spearmint Slim

Nicotine free Snus

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Nicotine Content

0 mg/g

Net Weight

0 g

A tobacco free and nicotine free snus packed with stimulating caffeine (100 mg/portion) that delivers a refreshing spearmint flavor.


Lewa Spearmint Slim – A tobacco-free and nicotine-free snus tailored for those seeking a refreshing and stimulating experience. These discreet, slim-sized portions are packed with a substantial dose of caffeine, delivering a stimulating boost of 100 mg per portion. As you enjoy each pouch, you'll be treated to a refreshingly cool and frosty spearmint flavor, leaving a cooling sensation beneath your lip.
Lewa’s commitment to quality is reflected in the choice of an all-white filling made from natural plant fibers. This innovative filling serves a dual purpose: it ensures that these portions won't leave any stains and, just as importantly, that they drip minimally. With this low amount of drip, you can savor the refreshing spearmint flavor and the rush of caffeine for an extended period, allowing you to make the most of your energy boost.
Experience the minty-fresh, caffeine-charged sensation of Lewa Spearmint Slim Energy Pouches – Buy your tobacco free snus online right here at NicoBags.com!

Brands Lewa
Manufacturer Lewa Of Sweden
Category Slim
Taste Profile Mint
Strength N/A
Nicotine Content 0 mg/g
Net Weight 0 g
Portions 18
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