Lewa Cola Lime Slim

Nicotine free Snus

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Nicotine Content

0 mg/g

Net Weight

0 g

A tobacco free and nicotine free snus that delivers a tasty cola-lime flavor together with an energetic caffeine boost (100 mg/portion).


Lewa Cola Lime Slim – A tobacco-free and nicotine-free snus designed for those who crave delicious flavors and a boost of energy. These discreet, slim-sized portions are bursting with tasty flavor combinations and stimulating power, delivering a sweet cola flavor complemented by zesty notes of lime. To make this flavor experience even more invigorating, each portion contains a staggering 100 mg of caffeine.
Lewa’s commitment to quality is reflected in the choice of an all-white filling made from natural plant fibers. This innovative filling not only guarantees that these portions won't leave any stains, but it also ensures a low-drip experience. This minimal amount drip results in a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.
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Brands Lewa
Manufacturer Lewa Of Sweden
Category Slim
Taste Profile Sweet
Strength N/A
Nicotine Content 0 mg/g
Net Weight 0 g
Portions 18
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